• 03 NOV 16
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    Lismore Youth Ministry Officers on the CSYMA National Team recently ran a series of Catch the Wave Retreats. These Retreats sought to provide a faith experience for students as they begin their Youth Ministry journey through CSYMA. For some, this was the first time they could truly make a response to faith in their lives and for other it enriched and strengthened their relationship with God. The Retreats included sessions on different core aspects of faith, including Open (being Open to Jesus) Grains of Sand (God’s Love and Self Image) and Light (the Salvation Message) as well as opportunities to respond throughout the day and at the concluding Mass.

    David Solomon (Youth Ministry Officer at Mcauley College Grafton) said that the “best thing about the Catch the Wave Retreats is getting to see young people make a decision to take their first steps into a relationship with God.”

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