Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia

Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) has a vision to inspire and equip our Catholic Schools to respond to the Church’s vision of our School’s becoming centres of the New Evangelisation.

CSYMA is a professional teacher-centred organisation networking Catholic secondary schools, staff and organisations with the goal of further empowering staff and students in evangelisation.

The Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia network began in 2007. The original program, developed by Peter Woods, a Catholic School teacher at St. Edmund’s College Canberra, has now been adopted by secondary schools across Australia.

Since 2007, CSYMA has developed five focus areas that complement the Youth Ministry Model including Catholic Primary School programs, Teacher Formation initiatives and the development of post-school pathways that allow youth to enter into participation in the broader Church. In 2013, a CSYMA Board was formed with representatives from a range of regions and ministries throughout the CSYMA Network. The Board seeks to further develop the CSYMA vision including key strategic plans and activities.



CSYMA has the following aims:

1. To help staff develop and sustain a personal living relationship with Jesus and a strong Catholic identity through on-going formation, discipleship and participation in the life of the Church.

2. To develop a vision for a ministry of evagelisation as teachers, and to be committed to sharing the Gospel of Christ in a school setting.

3. To support the development of School faith based formation programs, including the four-phase Youth Ministry model, family retreats, Christian service programs and staff faith formation.

4. To build bonds of communication and foster solidarity amongst Catholic Schools, though inter-school staff and student formation programs at a local and regional level.

5. To build post-school youth formation pathways.



Focus Areas

CSYMA has the following Focus Areas:

1. CSYMA Youth Ministry – Four Phase Model of Student Formation complemented by Student Events.

2. CSYMA Teacher Formation – A teacher formation and renewal program in the New Evangelisation and Youth Ministry (CSYMA TEN).

3. CSYMA National Team – a Post-School Faith and Mission Year in the grace of the New Evangelisation. The National Team provides a pathway for school leavers to continue in Youth Ministry and explore their faith.

4. Youth Academy – a discipleship pathway for young people engaged in the CSYMA youth ministry model in schools to enter into greater participation in the life and mission of the Catholic Church. The Youth Academy is overseen by teachers with the support of the local Church community.

5. CSYMA Junior – Providing a ministry pathway for Catholic Primary School students through a Four Phase Junior Ministry Model.

Vision and Focus Areas


Download the CSYMA Vision and Focus Areas Guide for further information on the the development of the CSYMA Vision and Focus Areas.