Conference Partners

The National Teacher Formation Conference is conducted in partnership between CSYMA and the ACU La Salle Academy. The Conference is hosted by St Edmund’s College, Canberra. In addition, the work of CSYMA could not be possible without the National Partners. Please see below for further information on these partnerships.

Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia

Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) is a professional teacher centred network of Catholic schools. CSYMA inspires and equips Catholic Schools to respond to the Church’s call for Schools to become centres of the New Evangelisation.

CSYMA primarily conducts staff and student models of evangelisation within Catholic secondary schools. These include the Four-Phase Model of Student Formation and the Teacher Evangelisation network. Over the past three years, CSYMA has expanded these focus areas to incorporate CSYMA Youth Ministers on a gap-year of mission, engaged throughout the Network; the Youth Academy which is a formation pathway for young people engaged in the CSYMA Model to enter into participation in the life and mission of the Church; and, a developing CSYMA Junior model of formation for Catholic Primary Schools.

ACU La Salle Academy

In 2014, the La Salle Academy for Faith Formation and Religious Education was established at ACU. The Mission of the Academy is to prepare teachers and leaders who can present the Christian message in our increasingly secularised world in an inspiring and systematic way. The Academy developed in response to the desire of Catholic educational authorities to ensure that teachers and leaders of Catholic schools were well formed for the critical task of realising the aspirations of the New Evangelisation.

ACU has a long history of preparing teachers and leaders for Catholic schools as well as those who lead Catholic school systems. ACU wants to continue to make sure that it prepares teachers and leaders with the capacity, skills and commitment to continue this work.

St Edmund’s College, Canberra

St Edmund’s College, Canberra has been central to the development of CSYMA since 2007. The original program was developed by Peter Woods, a Catholic School teacher at St. Edmund’s College Canberra. St Edmund’s provides valuable insight into how formation programs for staff and students can be implemented within the Catholic schooling context.

CSYMA National Partners

If you would like to become a partner with CSYMA, then please contact us via clicking the contact us button below.