The Youth Ministry Model


The CSYMA Youth Ministry encompasses the CSYMA Vision in inspiring and equipping schools to become the centres of the New Evangelisation through both teacher and student pathways for faith formation and service opportunities. Open to  schools and CEO’s, the CSYMA Youth Ministry Membership entitles the member community to all of the benefits previous outlined in the TEN Membership as well as those provided through the Four Phase Youth Ministry Model.

This Four Phase Model is comprised of Phases One to Three completed within the school context and Phase Four completed post or outside of school. The implementation of the first three Phases of the Youth Ministry Model will be individually tailored to account for varying school situations.

The goal is to integrate the model of formation into the heart of the school-wide curriculum so as to bring about a significant change in the ‘Catholic Faith Culture’ of students and staff. The CSYMA Youth Ministry model is integrated into year levels creating a Youth Ministry Pathway for students to progress through whilst at School.


Aims and Overview


Curriculum Resources

Upon membership, a school or Catholic Education Office is given access to a resource database via this website to equip the teacher with all necessary resources for effective implementation of the model. These include both curriculum and ministry resources as outlined below. New resources are developed each year for CSYMA members.

Membership and Enquiry

For more information on the CSYMA Youth Ministry including implementation options, rationale and further detail on the ‘Four Phases’ please download the Vision and Focus Areas Guide below

For more information on Membership options and benefits regarding the CSYMA Youth Ministry Membership, please download the Membership Guide below.

For all other enquires and information regarding the CSYMA Youth Ministry please make an inquiry below.

Youth Ministry Implementation

This Four Phase Youth Ministry Model is developed by a school taking into account local resources, timetables, and the existing R.E. Curriculum. The Youth Ministry Model is flexible to accommodate such needs, with the most effective pathway outlined in a tailored ‘Individual School Plan’ that is completed in consultation with CSYMA.

Click on the photos below to explore how the model can be streamed in a particular school (using the case study of St Edmund’s College, Canberra) as well as sharing’s from an individual school (Marist College, Canberra) and Diocese (Lismore) on the implementation of the CSYMA Model.

Implementation at St Edmund’s College, Canberra (click picture below)

Implementation at Marist College, Canberra and throughout the Lismore Diocese (click picture below)




CSYMA met me where I needed to be met at a time in my life where I was searching for answer to life changing questions. I can honestly say that Youth Ministry gave me back my faith, and has shaped the person who I am today; one who strives to make a difference, leave a legacy and be the best me I can be.

Student, St Edmund's College Canberra