Youth Ministers International

Youth Ministers International (YMI) is a network of post-school youth ministers engaged in a year mission throughout the CSYMA network whilst actively participating in the life of the Catholic Church.

Youth Minister Application

Development & Background

As the CSYMA Youth Ministry Model has developed in Schools across the CSYMA network, there has been a growing need for forming, equipping and supporting students post-school to enable them to have opportunities to effectively serve in an on-going way in the mission of the Catholic Church. It is focusing on this aspect of the CSYMA vision that will allow young people formed in their faith and equipped in basic ministry skills to stay connected in the Church and to not be ‘lost’ into the future. CSYMA hopes to develop future leaders in the Church while at School and to provide pathways for this leadership to develop further when leaving school.

The Youth Ministers International Network is a year of post-school faith and mission year that supports Youth Ministry in the CSYMA Network.

YMI Mission Opportunities

2018 Missions

The YMI Network has access to the CSYMA Missions. In 2018, there will be the following Mission opportunities,

  • YMI England Mission
  • CSYMA Northern Territory Mission
  • YMI Uganda Mission
  • YMI New Zealand Mission (TBC)
  • YMI Solomon Islands Mission (TBC)

Faith and Mission Components

Involvement in CSYMA AYM involves four faith and mission components. These include

1. Formation and Training at the Youth Ministry Equipping School,

2. Ministry placements (part-time or full-time) in schools, Church communities or Catholic Education Offices throughout the CSYMA Network,

3. Conducting Events throughout the CSYMA Network,

4. Cross-cultural mission opportunities.


Further Information

Please note, the YMI Network was previously the AYM network.

Youth Minister on a Year of Mission

YMI Equipping School

The first faith and mission component is Formation and Training. The YMI Youth Ministers attend the Youth Ministers International Equipping School. The School equips, empowers and resources youth ministry leaders to go forth. By calling these youth ministry leaders to gather, be renewed in faith and be equipped for ministry and mission.

Equipping School Video


Equipping School Experiences


Being a part of CSYMA has allowed me to take back a new energy and a whole new outlook on life into my local community. I know that we will be able to achieve great things this year, not only in our own communities but throughout Australia. Belonging to the Team has been one of the best experiences in my faith journey and now I’ve been able to take back new skills and dreams into my school community which I will pursue to ensure my students have the best possible faith experience.

Rachel Kennedy, CSYMA AYM Youth Minister