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    My faith has just blossomed this year as the Youth Minister. It hasn’t been easy, in fact, it’s been quite a rollercoaster ride but I have enjoyed every step of the way! I have met so many amazing people and participated in so many special school retreats with students from right across the Diocese and the best part was getting to know them all.

    When I was a student in school, the Youth Minister was always someone I really admired because I found their ability to share their faith with other young people was really inspiring and something I had always wished I could do and I strongly feel as though I have accomplished just that this year.

    I chose post-school ministry because I wanted to discover a new side of me that I had not been able to before. I wanted to challenge myself and do things I never would have thought personally imaginable; ie. Prepare and run retreats for secondary school students, run a CSYMA LEAD Conference and even a CSYMA SHINE Gathering. The feeling I get when I am given the opportunity to openly share my personal testimony and speak to a wide range of young people about why we should be proud to be who we are as Catholics is indescribable. It always warmed my heart knowing that I could be touching the young hearts of the students in the Diocese of Sale much like previous Youth Ministers have touched mine.

    This year, as Youth Minister, I have become content with who I am and I have learnt to not be afraid to let my light shine. I now know how much I have to personally offer and I can’t wait to find out where the future will take me from here.

    CSYMA trains, resources and supports Youth Ministers throughout the CSYMA Network. In 2016, 33 Youth Ministers have been actively engaged in ministry placements in Schools/CEO/Church Communities. Please contact Huw Warmenhoven ([email protected]) or visit www.csyma.com/nationalteam  for more information.



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